Why we accept payment only in crypto ?

We are a company with globalisation in mind and we think that skilled workers and great cus tomers could meet without barriers in creating great projects.

Reason 1 : collaborators

We are collaborating with skilled developers from different continents because of their great skill set to create the most complex and wonderful web apps.

Because we are working with crypto our collaborators are payed without being charged high commissions by the banks of their countries.

Reason 2 : customers

Our clients could pay us in crypto and also deduct their money payed for the crypto with the received invoice from the exchange so in this way our clients could be all over the world and are not obligated to pay VAT or other fiscal tax.

Evolve to a world with no barriers
and pay with crypto.
What are the steps ?
Step 1 understanding your your goals

Understanding your goals

First step in understanding your business model is to tell us about it .
To do that you must Login and press Create project green button to write us about your project.
We will contact you to establish more details
Step 2 our team is going to work

Starting to work

After we established all the requirements about your wonderfull and successful project we will put our collaborators skills to work.
Our team is dedicated to deliver the best projects because they are passionate about new technologies and making sure that features are always implemented very well.
Testing your project

Rigorous testing

Because nobody wants a buggy aplications that will make the user not to comeback we are testing manually and automated.
Now the project has been created we will delivered to you.
Delivering the project

Delivering your project

After we tested all the functionalities we deliver to you and you must close the contract by paying the project.
We worked in domains like






video sharing

Video Sharing










Small Business

You want to invest crypto in a billiard dollars industry?
Buy virtual stocks from us to our new video game start up
Be our partner as investor in a successufull venture

You want to invest crypto in a multi-billion dollar pc gaming industry?

Buy virtual stocks from us to our new video game start up and you will receive anualy payment into crypto from the company profits.

We are selling 40% in virtual stocks with 0,50 cents per stock that you can buy with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

Note : the shares are not refundable but you can resell to others in our marketplace.

Just login and follow the steps from the video bellow